Faculty and Students circa 1960-1992

  • CDI-01-3812: Dr. B. Elmo Scoggin on a dig.; CDI-01-3813: Dr. B. Elmo Scoggin and an excavation group in Israel.; CDI-01-3814: Dr. James Blackmore, Dr. Thomas Bland, and Dr. Garland Hendricks for the publication of Dr. Garland Hendricks new book.; CDI-01-3815: (Left) Dr. John Steely and (Right) Dr. Randall Lolley; CDI-01-3816: (Middle) Dr. Garland Hendricks; CDI-01-3817: (Left) Dr. Raymond Bryan Brown and (Right) Richard; CDI-01-3818: Dr. Colin Harris and students; CDI-01-3819: (Left) Dr. Alan Neely and (Right) Dr. George Braswell; CDI-01-3820: (L) Librarian Dr. Eugene McLeod, (Middle) Dr. Donald Cook, and (Right) Dr. George Braswell; CDI-01-3821: (Left) Dr. Colin Harris; CDI-01-3822: Jerry Niswonger; CDI-01-3823: (Left) Ben Johnson and (Middle) Dr. Garland Hendricks; CDI-01-3825: (Left) Dr. Theodore Adams and (Middle) Dr. E. Luther Copeland; CDI-01-3826: (Left) Dr. Eugene McLeod, (Middle) Dr. Robert Poerschke, and (Right) Donald Cook; CDI-01-3827: Dr. Theodore Adams, Dr. Richard Hester, Dr. George Braswell, Dr. Richard Spencer, Dr. Robert Richardson Jr., and Dr. Colin Harris, CDI-01-3828: (Second from left) Dr. E. Luther Copeland and Toshio Ito, Chancellor of Seinan Gakuin, Fukuoka, Japan; CDI-01-3829: Ruschlikon Seminary; CDI-01-3830: Dr. Pope Duncan in Zurich, Switzerland, This photograph was taken sometime between 1960 and 1961; CDI-01-3831: Jim Good Music; CDI-01-3832: Professor of Church History Dr. George Shriver; CDI-01-3834: Dr. Leo Green discussing sabbatical leave, 1964-1965; CDI-01-3838: This photograph was taken circa 1989.; CDI-01-3843: Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
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  • 1960 to 1992
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