SEBTS Spring Lecture - Brevard S. Childs March 20, 1985

  • Audio quality becomes poor near the end of the recording. Dr. Brevard S. Childs was a leading Old Testament scholar during the 20th century and Professor of Old Testament at Yale Divinity School. The service begins with organ music (00:00-05:05). The speaker gives a word of prayer (05:06-05:45). Brevard S. Childs is introduced as the Spring Lecturer (05:46-09:00). The title of Child’s lecture is the question "Is Biblical Theology Still Possible?" First, Childs addresses the side-lining of biblical theology for historical, philosophical, and dogmatic concerns and evaluation of the Scriptures (09:01-33:54). Second, Childs addresses two new approaches in using the Bible theologically, a sociological model and a philosophical model, and he argues that all these models fail because the Bible shapes the church, not the other way around (33:55-44:44). Finally, Childs admits that Biblical theology is not possible at the present time, but he has hope for the future that Biblical theology can once again be profitable through grassroots faithfulness of the church (44:45-54:55). The speaker gives a benediction at the end of the lecture (54:56-55:35). The service ends with organ music (55:36-59:54).
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  • March 20, 1985
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