Trustees circa 1973-1988

  • CDI-01-3997: (Left) Rod Byard, Assistant to President Dr. Randall Lolley; CDI-01-3998: (Left) President Dr. Randall Lolley; CDI-01-4002: This photograph was possibly taken by photographer David Haywood circa 1977- August 1979; CDI-01-4003: Furman Hewitt, Professor of Christian Ethics, and Charles Dorman, Director of Student/Field Ministries; CDI-01-4004: "Small group discussions offered an opportunity for faculty, trustees and administration to talk about mutual concerns. From extreme left, clockwise, are Peggy Branch (trustee), Bruce Powers (faculty), Gene Curtis (trustee), Charles Dorman (administration), Luke Smith (faculty), Jack Clifford and Hugh Chambliss (trustees), and Tom Halbrooks (faculty)."; CDI-01-4005: "The spirit of openness and mutuality gave members of the seminary family a chance to explore the demands of teaching and administration."; CDI-01-4006: "The southern West Virginia mountains punctuated by the beautiful valley of the Bluestone River captured the spirit of the viewer."; CDI-01-4010: (Left) Trustee Howard St. Clair and (Right) E. T. Vinson; CDI-01-4011: (Fourth from right) Trustee Sam Allen; CDI-01-4012: Professor Dr. Elmo Scoggin; CDI-01-4013: (Center) President Randall Lolley, (Right) Trustee Sam Allen; CDI-01-4014: Dr. Bill Clemmons, Dr. Bob Poerschke, Dr. James Blackmore, Wayne Murphy of Financial Development; CDI-01-4015: (Left) Dr. Bill Clemmons and (Right) Trustee Lee Beaver; CDI-01-4016: E.T. Vinson, Dr. Randall Lolley, and John Roberts; CDI-01-4017: Trustee Dr. Jess Chapman a Surgeon from Asheville, North Carolina; CDI-01-4019: (Center) Dr. Don Cook and (Right) Dr. Ben Johnson; CDI-01-4021: (Starting from the back left) Dr. James Blackmore, Dr. Elmo Scoggin, Trustee Sam Allen, Dr. Tom Graves, Dr. Bob Poerschke, and President Dr. Randall Lolley; CDI-01-4022: (Left) Trustee Lee Beaver, (Second from left) Ethel Lee, and (Back to camera wearing a sweater) Dr. Robert Richards; CDI-01-4023: (From left) Trustee Charles Horton, Wayne Murphy of Financial Development, Dr. Claude Stewart, Dr. Gene McLeod, Trustee Howard St. Clair, Dr. Bell Clemmons, Dr. Glenn Miller, and (back to camera wearing a sweater) Trustee E. T. Vinson; CDI-01-4024: Trustees (Left) E. T. Vinson and (Center) Lee Beaver; CDI-01-4025: (Holding briefcase) Dr. Robert Richardson, Dr. Bruce Powers, and Dr. Bill Clemmons; CDI-01-4027: Arthur T. Achord of Louisiana, Charles W. Midkiff of Kentucky, and Jesse P. Chapman of North Carolina; CDI-01-4028: (Lead table)President Dr. Randall Lolley and E. T. Vinson; CDI-01-4033: Trustee E. T. Vinson; CDI-01-4034: Wallace and Dr. Randall Lolley; CDI-01-4035: President Dr. Randall Lolley; CDI-01-4036: (Left) President Dr. Randall Lolley; CDI-01-4038: Dr. John Steely, This photograph was taken before his death 1986; CDI-01-4039: (Left) Claude Y. Stewart Jr. and (Right) William Flynt; CDI-01-4041: M. Vernon Davis; CDI-01-4042: Reginald M. McDonough with Dr. Bruce Powers; CDI-01-4043: M. Vernon Davis; CDI-01-4044: (Center) Dr. John Steely; CDI-01-4046: Isam Ballenger; CDI-01-4048: (Right) Dr. Randall Lolley; CDI-01-4049: Paolo Spanu of Italy
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  • 1973 to 1988
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