SEBTS Chapel - G. Avery Lee February 10, 1966

  • There was no formal introduction for G. Avery Lee, but he was pastor of St. Charles Avenue Baptist Church in New Orleans, Louisiana, and focused his ministry on college/seminary campuses. He made dedicated commitments to bettering race relations and served as Chairman of the Christian Life Commission from 1961-62. He continues his sermon from February 9, 1966, focusing on God’s release for the captives, taken from John 8:31-38, citing various examples of freedom from captivity (00:00-20:37). He then answers the question “What kind of freedom does the world desire?” with a brief summary. Firstly, they want a political freedom from political tyranny (20:38-21:05). Secondly, they want an economic freedom to be self-sustaining and independent (21:06-22:23). Thirdly, they desire educational freedom from ignorance due to little opportunity (22:24-22:51). Fourthly, they desire a medical freedom to alleviate unnecessary suffering, pain, and disease (22:52-23:33). The most basic freedom that they need, however, is spiritual freedom from natural hedonism (23:34-27:31). Lee says spiritual freedom is fundamental to all others and is on the basis of deliverance from other areas of life and forgiveness of sin, man’s greatest bondage (27:32-36:00).
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