SEBTS Chapel - Olin Trivette Binkley November 25, 1970

  • Olin Trivette Binkley was the 2nd president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and Professor of Christian Sociology and Ethics. The service begins with a scripture reading and prayer (0:00-4:12). Binkley’s message is on thanksgiving. Binkley begins with an introduction and reading of 1 Thessalonians 5 (4:13-5:15). He states that believers often deal with difficult circumstances (5:16-7:47). After which, he illustrates the glory of God (7:48-13:24). He states that there are four gifts to be especially thankful for. The first gift is a renewal of energy (13:25-14:45). The second gift is eternal life (14:46-16:34). The third gift is an admission into the people of God (16:35-18:01). The fourth gift is the ability to give grace to others (18:02-20:20). He concludes by challenging his audience to give thanks in all circumstances (20:21-24:20). He closes in prayer (24:21-25:16).
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  • November 25, 1970
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