Robin Hadaway interview

  • Robin Hadaway was Associate Professor of Missions at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. The interview begins with Hadaway giving the background of his life in ministry and his work with the International Missions Board (00:00-05:10). Hadaway talks about how the change of the Baptist Faith and Message effected the protocol in the IMB, and he shares a few stories about how the changes were received on the mission field (05:11-10:41). Hadaway says that he desired more theological assurance from his missionaries, and he talks about missionaries that left the IMB when the Conservative Resurgence occurred and when the BF&M was updated (10:42-16:51). He states that the main reasons some of his missionaries left the IMB was because they felt that the changes were put into effect without their personal input, and some left because that did not agree with the changes regarding women in ministry (16:52-18:59). Hadaway speaks about Ida Mae Hayes being ordained by her church in Brazil, and he feels mad about the situation because she lied to the IMB and is now pastoring in North Carolina (19:00-29:03). He makes a clarification that Ida Mae Hayes had no authority over pastors in her role as a director of missions in Brazil (29:04-32:09). In the final question of the interview, Hadaway says that he wants the IMB needs to put in place more perimeters regarding single women on the mission field, and he clarifies the statement given by the IMB on Ida Mae Hayes’ retirement (32:10-36:12).
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