Professors and Students circa 1954-1987

  • CDI-01-2807: (Left to right) Dr. John Durham, Dr. Thorwald Lorenzen, and Dr. Olin T. Binkley; CDI-01-2808: Dr. Archie Nations; CDI-01-2809: Dr. Alan Neely, This photograph is featured in the November-December 1976 Outlook; CDI-01-2810: Dr. Richard Hester; CDI-01-2812: Dr. Robert Dale; CDI-01-2813: (Left) Dr. James Leo Green and (Right) O.P. Hatfield; CDI-01-2814: Dr. John Carlton; CDI-01-2815: Dr. Josh Tresch; CDI-01-2817: (Left to right) D. Calhoun Johnson, Archie Jones, and Dr. James Moseley; CDI-01-2818: (Left facing) Dr. Donald Cook; CDI-01-2819: Dr. Fred Sandusky; CDI-01-2820: Dr. Donald Cook and Bob Page; CDI-01-2821: Dr. Donald Cook and Bob Page; CDI-01-2822: (Right) Dr. Donald Cook; CDI-01-2823: Larry Seales and Dr. John Wayland; CDI-01-2824: Dr. B. Elmo Scoggin, Dr. John W. Carlton, and Donald A. Crane; CDI-01-2826: Dr. James Leo Green with students; CDI-01-2827: Dr. Tom Bland; CDI-01-2828: (Right) Dean Dr. Al Meiburg; CDI-01-2829: Dr. Robert Culpepper; CDI-01-2830: Dr. Furman Hewitt; CDI-01-2831: Dr. Glenn Miller; CDI-01-2832: Dr. Furman Hewitt working with Habitat for Humanity; CDI-01-2833: Dr. Raymond Brown and Bob Swader; CDI-01-2834: Dr. John Eddins; CDI-01-2835: (Left) Dr. Al Meiburg with student; CDI-01-2836: Dr. Robert Poerschke; CDI-01-2837: (Left) Dr. John Durham and (Right) Dr. Tom Bland; CDI-01-2838: Dr. John Eddins and Carl Elledge; CDI-01-2839: Dr. John Steely; CDI-01-2840: Dr. Leo Green; CDI-01-2841: Dr. Al Meiburg; CDI-01-2842: (Center wearing striped shirt) Professor Dr. Ben Philbeck; CDI-01-2843: (Left) Professor Dr. John Carlton; CDI-01-2844: Dr. John Carlton; CDI-01-2845: (Center) Dr. John T. Wayland; CDI-01-2846: (Left) Dr. John Eddins & Carl Elledge; CDI-01-2847: Dr. Leo Green; CDI-01-2848: (Left) The Binkleys; CDI-01-2849: (Center) Dr. Tom Bland; CDI-01-2850: Dr. John Carlton; CDI-01-2851: (Left) Dr. John I. Durham; CDI-01-2852: (Center) Dr. Carroll Trotter; CDI-01-2853: (Left) Dr. John T. Wayland and a plaque; CDI-01-2854: Dr. James Blackmore and Ray Johnson; CDI-01-2855: Dr. Stewart Newman and students; CDI-01-2856: Faculty with students; Dr. M. Ray McKay; CDI-01-2857: (Left) Dr. Theodore F. Adams and Stuart M Motley at Southeastern Seminary; CDI-01-2858: Dr. Eugene McLeod; CDI-01-2859: Dr. H. Max Rogers; CDI-01-2860: Linda Moore and Dr. John Steely; CDI-01-2862: (In back, right) Dr. E. Luther Copeland; CDI-01-2863: Larry Seales and Dr. John Wayland; CDI-01-2864: Dr. Furman Hewitt; CDI-01-2865: Dr. Jim Good; CDI-01-2867: Dr. Carroll E. Trotter; CDI-01-2868: Dr. Theodore F. Adams; CDI-01-2870: (Center) Dr. Randall Lolley; CDI-01-2872: Dr. Richard Hester; CDI-01-2873: Dr. Thomas Bland; CDI-01-2874: Dr. Thomas Bland; CDI-01-2875: Dr. Thomas Bland; CDI-01-2876: (Right) Dr. John Carlton; CDI-01-2877: Dr. Thomas Bland; CDI-01-2879: (Right) Dr. Al Meiburg; CDI-01-2880: (Right) President Dr. Olin Binkley; CDI-01-2881: Christian Education students on campus with Southeastern professors and President Dr. Olin T. Binkley; CDI-01-2882: (Right) Dr. Delos Miles
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  • 1954 to 1988
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    Communication Department Images - Series 1, Archives and Special Collections, Library at Southeastern, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC.
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