SEBTS Event - John H. Westerhoff, III March 19, 1981

  • John H. Westerhoff was Professor of Religion and Education at Duke University and an Episcopal priest. The event begins with Westerhoff opening for questions (00:00-00:55). The first question is a clarification about the importance of liturgy in changing people’s rituals (00:56-05:40). The second question is about the Episcopal church and cultural traditions (05:41-08:41). The third question is about developmentalism and faith as perception (08:42-16:20). The fourth question is about the people that influence Westerhoff the most which are mostly Medieval and Patristic theologians, and he briefly talks about gender when speaking about God (16:21-20:05). The fifth question is about the basic understanding of life and faith living in the kingdom of God (20:06-28:20). The sixth question is about the church as a covenant community bound by baptism (28:21-29:24). The seventh question is about the difference between reaching out to people and being with people (29:25-31:30). The final question is about education in the church and finding out people’s needs (31:31-53:55).
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  • March 19, 1981
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