SEBTS Chapel - John Terrill Wayland October 5, 1965

  • The service opens with encouragements to prayer from responsive reading #46 (00:34-02:33), followed by a public reading of Psalm 136:1 (02:44-02:51) and an opening prayer (02:52-04:57). John Terrill Wayland’s message is about the private devotional life of the Christian (04:58-05:07). He begins his message by talking about the shoeless town which is ironically “known” for its shoes, and he compares that with a people who claim to be known for prayer and religion yet lack those basic practices personally (05:08-11:07). He mentions that not only is prayer a lesson to be learned, but it is a friendship to be cultivated (11:08-14:45). Lastly, he mentions that prayer is a lifestyle to be lived, of which Paul’s key verse on the subject could be Galatians 2:20 (14:46-17:30). Wayland ends his message with a short prayer, reciting Philippians 4:7 (17:31-17:41).
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  • October 5, 1965
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