SEBTS Chapel - Robert Morgan May 1, 1969

  • The service begins with the reading of Psalm 19:7-9 (00:00-00:41) and prayer (00:52-02:04). A brief introduction is given for Jim Allen, the pastor of the speaker, Robert Morgan (02:05-02:31). Jim Allen introduces Robert Morgan according to his Christian testimony, education, and working background. He served 5 consecutive terms as senator of Harnett County in North Carolina, and he was the Attorney General of the State of North Carolina. The title of his address is “The Christian and Politics” (02:32-04:29). He does not believe that the church should involve itself in protestant politics nor divide its congregation by taking dogmatic positions on political issues; however, he does believe the church should seek to find Christian answers for the problems that confront us in daily life and also in government circles. There is no prohibition between a mixture of politics and religion in the Constitution, and Christians cannot keep the two separated (04:30-16:02). To do this, we must show charitable compassion, a Christian voice in politics, and encouragement for governmental leadership (16:03-28:56). He ends his time in prayer (28:57-29:14), and the service ends with low instrumental music (29:15-29:23).
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  • May 1, 1969
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