SEBTS Convocation - Lewis Addison Drummond April 16, 1991

  • Lewis Addition Drummond was the 4th president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and Professor of the History and Theology of Evangelism. The service opens with a word of prayer from Dr. George Braswell (00:00-02:14). President Lewis A. Drummond gives a word of greeting for the day of convocation for the inauguration of the Center for Great Commission Studies, and he introduces the seminar leaders and plenary speaker, all the conference attendees, and the board of trustees (02:15-06:25). Dr. Wayne McDill briefly speaks about the importance of evangelism, the Great Commission, and missions for Southern Baptists and Southeastern Seminary, and he presents a theme for the convocation service of “Heart for the World” (06:26-11:25). Drummond reads from Matthew 28:16-20, and he begins his sermon with his first point that the fulfilment of the Great Commission comes through the power of the Holy Spirit (11:26-18:17). Drummond’s second point is that God calls us to make disciples and not decisions, and he says that the power of the gospel message is Jesus Christ and his defeat of death in the resurrection (18:18-26:36). Drummond’s third point is that we are to baptize converts into the community of God and teach them the Scriptures, and he says that God desires believers to know and be like Jesus Christ (26:37-32:35). Drummond’s final point is that we need the presence of God, and he says God’s presence must reach the ends of the earth (32:36-37:15). Drummond concludes his sermon with a Great Commission litany (37:16-39:56). Dr. Delos Miles closes the convocation with a benediction (39:57-40:33).
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