SEBTS Chapel - Thomas Albert Bland February 10, 1961

  • The service begins with the reading of Isaiah 55:1-2 (00:00-00:38), prayer (00:47-03:37), and the reading of 2 Peter 1:1-11 (03:48-06:00). No introduction was given for Thomas Albert Bland, but he was Associate Professor of Christian Sociology and Ethics. He begins by talking about the importance of the “frontier” in American history, taking note of the race for space but placing importance on the frontier of the inner man (06:01-08:13). Bland says that Peter, in this text, focuses on Faith’s Frontier, identifying seven qualities of life which are to be added to one’s faith; he was not academic but practical, having been personally impacted by the life and ministry of Jesus Christ (08:14-11:37). Bland then continues walking through the list mentioned in the text one item at a time, building upon the foundation of faith. He notes that faith and knowledge go together, so long as knowledge has self-control so that it does not puff one up in conceit (11:38-19:06). He ends his time in prayer (19:07-19:46).
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  • February 10, 1961
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