Broyhill Hall (Formerly Lea Lab) 1956-1999

  • CDI-01-1427: Broyhill Dedication; CDI-01-1428: (Left) Dr. I. Beverly Lake; CDI-01-1430: (Center) Rod Byard; CDI-01-1431: Broyhill Hall, This photograph was taken in the 1990's; CDI-01-1432: Baptist Bookstore in Lea Laboratory (now known as Broyhill Hall) in the 1960s; CDI-01-1433: Students browse in Baptist Bookstore, This photograph was possibly taken in the 1950's; CDI-01-1434: Hall of Presidents; CDI-01-1435: Broyhill Conference Room; CDI-01-1436: Broyhill Hall; CDI-01-1437: Broyhill Hall; CDI-01-1438: Broyhill Hall; CDI-01-1439: Broyhill Hall; CDI-01-1440: Broyhill Hall CDI-01-1441: Broyhill Hall; CDI-01-1442: Snow Scene featuring Broyhill Hall; CDI-01-1443: Broyhill Hall, 1988; CDI-01-1444: Broyhill Hall; CDI-01-1445: Broyhill Hall, 1988; CDI-01-1446: Broyhill Hall, 1981; CDI-01-1447: August 1989; CDI-01-1448: Student Center, 1963; CDI-01-1449: Lea Laboratory, 1963
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  • November 5, 2020
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  • 1956 to 1999
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    Communication Department Images - Series 1, Archives and Special Collections, Library at Southeastern, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC.
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