SEBTS Chapel - Student Council October 2, 1980

  • John Everett was a student from London, England in the associates degree program, and Michael Talbert was a Master of Divinity student from Liberia. The service opens with a word of prayer (00:00-00:53). John Everett and Michael Talbert are introduced as the student council chapel speakers (00:54-01:36). The speaker gives a public reading of Scripture from Matthew 25:34-40 (01:37-02:30). The audience is led in a song of worship (02:31-05:26). Everett opens his sermon by talking about his home sickness and the prayer he said the day before over his sermon notes (05:27-09:24). He reads from Mark 1:14-21, and his sermonette centers on God’s call for us to not stand still but to go for the advancement of His kingdom (09:25-14:55). Talbert opens with a clarification that what he is doing is not a sermon, but it is a testimony of what God has done in his life (14:56-16:13). He speaks about his journey to come and study in America, and he attributes all the blessings he has received along the way to the Lord (16:14-24:18). He speaks of life as a puzzle that only God knows the complete picture, and he concludes his sermonette by asking the audience to put their trust in the Lord regarding next steps (24:19-28:15). The service ends with a word of prayer (28:16-30:15).
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  • October 2, 1980
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