SEBTS Missionary Day Address - Sarah Brooks-Snell February 21, 1980

  • Sarah Brooks-Snell was missionary to Indonesia. The service begins with a word of prayer (00:00-00:41). Sarah Brooks-Snell is introduced as the Missionary Day chapel speaker (00:42-01:39). The choir sings a song of worship (01:40-06:07). Brooks-Snell begins her sermon by stating the center of all mission endeavors is Jesus (06:08-07:52). She first shares a story of a man who converted to Christianity in South Korea (07:53-12:40). Most of her sermon is spent giving gospel stories from Indonesia, and she repeats a theme of humans being broken by their sins, but Jesus gives the Spirit of life (12:41-28:03). Brooks-Snell concludes her sermon my stating that salvation is found only in Jesus, and she encourages the audience to reflect on how Jesus will use them to bring the gospel to the nations (28:04-30:57). She gives a word of prayer (30:58-31:23). The choir ends the service with a song of worship (31:24-32:12).
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  • February 21, 1980
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