SEBTS Convocation - William Randall Lolley August 31, 1982

  • William Randall Lolley was the 3rd president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. The service begins with a word of prayer and organ music (00:00-02:40). President Randall Lolley declares the opening of 32nd academic years, and he gives two announcements about evening classes (02:41-04:41). The speaker delivers the Scripture readings from Deuteronomy 6:4-5, Leviticus 19:18, and Luke 10:25-37 (04:42-07:53). C. Michael Hawn is inducted into the faculty of Southeastern, and Lolley introduces the adjunctive and visiting faculty (07:54-11:29). Bob Spiggs, member of the financial development office, presents an award to a Southeastern alumnus for his financial giving to the seminary (11:30-14:44). Lolley announces the completion of renovations to the first floor of Binkley chapel, and Dean Morris Ashcraft gives a word of prayer (14:45-19:40). Lolley recognizes the architect who worked on the renovations, and a song of worship is performed (19:41-24:12). Lolley delivers a sermon with the focus text being Luke 10:25-37, and he urges the students of Southeastern to live up to the soul of the seminary by loving their neighbors in the same way the Samaritan loved the man who was robbed and beaten to near death (24:13-44:30). Ashcraft ends the service with a word of prayer and a benediction (44:31-45:27).
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  • August 31, 1982
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