Dr. Cal Guy interview

  • Dr. Cal Guy was the Emeritus Professor of Missions at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. The interview begins with Dr. Guy giving a background of his life in ministry and his interest in missions (00:00-04:23). He speaks about the mission vision of D.A McGavern that emphasizes bringing people to Christ, and he talks about the difficulty McGavern had in getting his books published and his vision to be accepted by evangelicals (04:24-11:16). Dr. Guy then speaks on McGavorn’s influence on his teaching, and he talks about the slow acceptance and implementation of McGavorn’s church growth and mission strategies in the Southern Baptist Convention (11:17-18:44). He points to the clarity of the mission strategy of the SBC as being connected to McGavorn’s influence (18:45-23:56). Dr. Guy believes that McGavern’s influence was a seed that flourished into the modern mission strategy of Southern Baptists, though there are now other components that did not originate with McGavern (23:57-26:30). Dr. Guy gives a final word praising the Lord for the opportunity he has had to train and recruit future missionaries (26:31-32:07).
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