SEBTS Chapel - John Rutter September 11, 1980

  • John Rutter was an English composer of choral music. John Rutter is introduced as chapel speaker (00:00-00:32). The choir leads in a song of worship (00:33-04:06). Rutter opens his sermon by talking about his desire to hear the hymn that the apostles sang after the Last Supper in Mark’s gospel (04:07-06:42). He discusses his interest in music, specifically his interest in church music and other language of the church (06:43-08:35). Through the stories he tells about his own experience as a composer, Rutter reflects on the idea that music unites time and the tradition of the church together (08:36-15:02). He gives another reflection on his love for American music and how much it influences his own work (15:03-16:46). Rutter ends his sermon by discussing the unique privilege and responsibility the American church must be creative in worship by drawing from the old European tradition and the new American tradition of music (16:47-20:26).
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  • September 11, 1980
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