SEBTS Chapel - David R. Beck April 22, 1998

  • David R. Beck was Professor of New Testament and Greek. The service begins with President Paige Patterson introducing David R. Beck as the chapel speaker (00:00-02:07). Beck begins his sermon with a few jokes about being called last minute to preach, and he reads Ephesians 6:10-20 (02:08-06:32). Beck reads a passage from C.S. Lewis’ “The Screwtape Letters,” and he states that living a Christian life is a spiritual battle (06:33-10:04). Beck first point is God has already won the victory over the adversary, and the adversary is Satan, not flesh and blood (10:05-15:35). His second point is that God calls us to stand firm in the spiritual battle (15:36-19:04). Beck walks through the armor presented by Paul in Ephesians 6, and he points out that prayer is the most important part staying strong under spiritual warfare (19:05-36:30). Patterson thanks Beck for delivering his message, and he ends the service with a word of prayer (36:31-38:43).
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