SEBTS Esther Adams Seminar - Mary Cosby September 27, 1982

  • This audio recording was conducted in the Library of Southeastern. Mary Cosby was a minister at the Church of Our Savior in Washington DC. Cosby begins her sermon by laying out her outline and discussion topics (0:00:00-0:03:43). She speaks about her childhood memories of memorizing Scripture in her Baptist church, and she reads John 13:1-38 (0:03:44-0:11:16). In the first part of her sermon, Cosby says that salvation comes through freedom and not law, and she points to the act of servanthood as the way believers become children of God (0:11:17-0:32:37). In the second part of her sermon, Cosby speaks about salvation as the entrance into a new reality, and she discusses at length the current abuses of power and wealth the United States government is currently engaging in to show that Christians must not align themselves with the world but rather the alternative community of God (0:32:38-1:12:48). Cosby opens for questions from the audience, and the first question is about how Cosby’s church is structured for missions (1:12:49-1:17:07). For the second question, Cosby shares the story of a church member who met Jesus Christ through an advanced doctrine study (1:17:08-1:25:37). The librarian concludes the talk by inviting everyone downstairs for refreshments, and she gives a word of prayer (1:25:37-1:26:47).
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  • September 27, 1982
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