SEBTS Chapel - George H. Shriver February 3, 1970

  • George H. Shriver was Professor of Church History at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Shriver begins the service by reading a portion of Acts 9 (0:00-1:23) Shriver then speaks about the Apostle Pual’s conversion and the years that followed this event (1:24-4:31). He shares the importance of the conversion moment in a believer's life (4:32-7:08). He explains the qualities of a lifetime affair of conversion which are faith, meekness or humility, and sensitivity. (7:09-18:05) He demonstrates these qualities through an example (18:06-21:00). He concludes by challenging his audience to walk as they have been called to do (21:01-22:07). He concludes in prayer (22:08-22:29).
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  • February 3, 1970
  • Wake Forest (N.C.)
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