SEBTS Missionary Day Address - Tony Brewington December 2, 1980

  • Tony Brewington was the Director of Mission for the Burnt Swamp Baptist Association. The service begins with a reading from Luke 4:17-19, and a word of prayer is given (00:00-02:50). Tony Brewington is introduced as the Missionary Day chapel speaker (02:51-04:20). The choir sings a song of worship (04:21-06:30). Brewington begins his sermon by describing his mission work as a Native American in eastern North Carolina (06:31-13:33). He says that the church has taken Jesus captive, and it is now our duty to put him back into the world where people are suffering (13:34-17:06). He argues that the church today has a microscopic view where they are finding a way to make themselves better (17:07-19:09). He then argues that the church today has a telescopic view where they are doing outreach in an exclusive and narrow-minded way (19:10-21:35). Brewington proposes that the church should have kaleidoscopic view that is centered on true outreach and the love of Jesus (21:36-26:25). The second point of Brewington’s message is that the church has become a hostage of the world, and he believes the only way out is for God to be behind the church’s mission (26:26-35:59). The final point of Brewington’s message is that the world is a hostage of sin, and the solution is to let Jesus loose to lead the church in the mission of saving the lost (36:00-48:11).
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  • December 2, 1980
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