SEBTS Chapel - Garland Alford Hendricks September 24, 1965

  • The service opens by the reading of Luke 4:16-20a (0:00-01:33), followed by a mention of worship to “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross,” but the music cuts out (01:34-02:04). An opening prayer is given (02:05-05:02). Garland A. Hendricks, the Director of Field Work, begins his message with a story from New Delhi, India in 1959 concerning the Caste system there. He describes the condition in India concerning their poverty, their Caste system, their way of living, and their economic conditions, affirming that “India is a democracy growing up” (05:03-11:01). He then transitions to the year 1960 in New Delhi, as democracy was making progress in India and arising problems were evidence of growth and development there (11:02-12:40). He then transitions to the year 1965 (the current year) in North Carolina at SEBTS, recording that Christians face problems even here, where hunger, starvation, and warfare are not every-day concerns (12:41-14:51). He requests of God that He would use SEBTS as a center to spread the gospel across the world as His people there continue to abide in Jesus Christ (14:52-18:07). Hendricks then offers a closing prayer, asking for sustaining grace to the people of God for the work ahead of them (18:08-18:27).
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  • September 24, 1965
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