SEBTS Chapel - Davis C. Woolley December 12, 1961

  • The service begins with prayer (00:00-00:30). A brief word precedes another prayer (00:31-03:51). President Stealey introduces the speaker, Davis C. Woolley, who was Secretary of the Historical Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention (03:52-06:16). Dr. Woolley begins by speaking about what the Historical Commission of the SBC does and its purposes to accomplish (06:17-08:10). He speaks of finding things in this world oftentimes by serendipity, applying that practice to how discovering new truths from Scripture as we study God’s Word (08:11-09:49). He transitions into speaking about 2 Corinthians 5:14, speaking of how the love of Christ gives the Christian no other choice but to glorify His name. This is the Christian’s manifest destiny (09:50-17:37). He closes his time in prayer (17:38-18:00).
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  • December 12, 1961
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