Trustees 1975-1979

  • CDI-01-0615: Trustee Henry Bridge, March 1976; CDI-01-0617: Trustees Meeting, Jack Lowdnes, Executive Secretary of the Baptist Convention of New York, and John I. Snedden, Executive Secretary of the West Virginia Convention of Southern Baptists; CDI-01-0618: (Left) Dr. Randall Lolley, This photograph was taken by David F. Haywood; CDI-01-0620: (Right) Dr. Randall Lolley, This photograph was taken by David F. Haywood.; CDI-01-0621: (Right) Dr. Randall Lolley, This photograph was taken by David F. Haywood, 1978; CDI-01-0622: (Right) Dr. Randall Lolley, This photograph was taken by David F. Haywood, 1978; CDI-01-0623: (Left) Dr. Randall Lolley and (Right) A.J. Hewitt, This photograph was taken by David F. Haywood; CDI-01-0624: (Right) Dr. Randall Lolley, This photograph was taken by David F. Haywood; CDI-01-0625: (Right) Dr. Randall Lolley, 1976; CDI-01-0626: Trustee- Faculty- Administration Retreat, (Right) Dr. Randall Lolley, 1975; CDI-01-0627: President Dr. Randall Lolley with Southeastern Trustees, (Front row, center) President of the Trustee Board Carl Hudson, This photograph was taken in the early to mid 1970's; CDI-01-0628: Trustee E.T. Vinson, 1975; CDI-01-0629: 1975; CDI-01-0630: Trustee- Faculty- Administration Retreat, October 1975; CDI-01-0631: 1975; CDI-01-0632: 1975; CDI-01-0633: (Left) Ed Wyatt and (Right) Dr. Carroll Trotter, October 1975; CDI-01-0634: 1975; CDI-01-0636: 1975; CDI-01-0635: Trustee- Faculty- Administration Retreat, Trustee Wallace E. Jones and Trustee Paul Broyhill, October 1975; CDI-01-0637: (Second from left) Dr. Raymond Brown, October 1975; CDI-01-0638: Trustee-Faculty-Administration Retreat, Faculty Dr. Elmo Scoggin, Faculty Dr. Garland Hendricks, Faculty Dr. Randall Lolley, Trustee Bob Headen, October 1975; CDI-01-0639:Trustee-Faculty-Administration Retreat, Faculty Dr. Ellis Hollon and Faculty Dr. John I. Durham, October 1975; CDI-01-0640: Trustee-Faculty-Administration Retreat, At Mast's Store, October 1975; CDI-01-0641:Trustee-Faculty-Administration Retreat, October 1975; CDI-01-0642: Trustee Henry Finch; CDI-01-0643: (Left) President Dr. Randall Lolley and (Right) Trustee Lee Beaner; CDI-01-0644: Trustees with (Far left) Bob Spinks and Seminary Attorney John Rick; CDI-01-0645: Trustees, Trustee E.T. Vinson (Second from right) Dr. Al Meiburg, (Far right) Charles Horton; CDI-01-0646: Trustees; CDI-01-0647: President Dr. Randall Lolley; CDI-01-0648: Dr. Tom Graves; CDI-01-0649: Dr. Tom Graves; CDI-01-0654: (Left) Trustee Charles Horton; CDI-01-0655: (Left) Dr. Thomas Halbrooks and (Right) Dr. Eugene McLeod; CDI-01-0658: (Right) Student and dorm mother Marie Bean; CDI-01-0659: (Right) Trustee Lee Beaner; CDI-01-0661: (Left) President Dr. Randall Lolley; CDI-01-0662: (Left to right) John Morrissette, Tyson Corners of Virginia, Carlyle Tiller of Richmond Virginia, and Albert Lineberry Sr. of Greensboro North Carolina; CDI-01-0663: Trustee Hugh Chambliss; CDI-01-0664: (Right) Randall Lolley; CDI-01-0665: Billy Cline and Jerry Niswonger; CDI-01-0666: Trustees (Center) Howard St. Clair, October 1976; CDI-01-0667: 1976; CDI-01-0668: (Top right) E.T. Vinson, 1976; CDI-01-0669: (Middle, right) Dr. Jerry Niswonger and (Right) Woody Catoe; CDI-01-0670: (Right) Dr. Jerry Niswonger, 1977; CDI-01-0671: 1976
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  • 1975 to 1979
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