Guest Speakers: Chapel 1960-1995

  • CDI-01-4275: (Left) Dean Morris Ashcroft, (Right) Dr. Al Meiburg, This photograph was possibly taken circa 1981- circa 1989; CDI-01-4276: (Right) Dr. Phyllis Trible, (Left) Chris Walker, (Center) Bill Walke, Carver-Barnes Lectures March 27-28 1979; CDI-01-4282: (Right) Dr. Randall Lolley; CDI-01-4283: Dr. Forrest C. Feezor, This image was taken before his death in 1986.; CDI-01-4284: Leander E. Keck, October 4-5, 1977; CDI-01-4286: Fred B. Craddock, Adams Lecture, February 13-16, 1979; CDI-01-4289: (Left) President Dr. Randall Lolley; CDI-01-4290: Stephen Keal; CDI-01-4291: Pamela and Mark Grumbles; CDI-01-4292: Stephen Olford, Preaching and Worship Conference, February 6-9, 1995; CDI-01-4295: Gordon Cosby, This photograph was taken either April 2, 1975 or December 6, 1977; CDI-01-4296: Roger L. Quin, Carver-Barnes Memorial Lecture, March 4-7, 1975; CDI-01-4297: Adjunct faculty Warren Carr, Fall 1988; CDI-01-4298: Bernard Boyd, 1970; CDI-01-4299: Donald G. Miller, February 11-14, 1975; CDI-01-4300: Dr. John T. Wayland; CDI-01-4302: BWA youth secretary Theophilus Patnaik, April 3, 1974; CDI-01-4304: Dr. C.F.D. Moule, March 19-20, 1974; CDI-01-4305: Dr. Langdon Gilkey, Carver-Barnes Lectures, March 5-8, 1974; CDI-01-4307: Ronald E. Clements; CDI-01-4308: Dr. Gordon McCullough, January 28, 1975; CDI-01-4309/4310: (Left) President Dr. Randall Lolley; CDI-01-4311: (Right) Dr. Max Rogers; CDI-01-4312: Warren C. Carr and Dr. Ellis W. Hollon; CDI-01-4313: Dr. Elmo Scoggins and Moshe Kochavi; CDI-01-4314: Ralph A. Slay and President Dr. Randall Lolley; CDI-01-4315: President Dr. Randall Lolley, Edgar E. Ferrell, and Jerry Niswonger; CDI-01-4316: Dr. Elmo Scoggin and Dr. Bernard Boyd, 1975; CDI-01-4318: 1973-1975; CDI-01-4319: Emery B. Denny; CDI-01-4323: J. Robert Bradley, Student Conference on Mission and Ministry, February 23-25, 1973; CDI-01-4324: (Left) President Dr. Olin Binkley; CDI-01-4325: Charles E. Boddie; CDI-01-4326: Michael Hovak; CDI-01-4327: (Right) President Dr. Randall Lolley, September 1983; CDI-01-4328: O. Charles Horton; CDI-01-4329: John Killinger; CDI-01-4330: George Shinn; CDI-01-4331: L. Carlyle Marney; CDI-01-4332: Howard E. Lee; CDI-01-4333: Dr. Lewis Ford, March 19, 1969; CDI-01-4334: Cranford; CDI-01-4335: Dr. Timothy C. Pennell; CDI-01-4336: Robert Mcafee Brown, Carver-Barnes Lectures, March 2-5 1976; CDI-01-4337: Justo Gonzalez, January 29, 1976; CDI-01-4338: Catherine G. Gonzalez, January 29, 1976; CDI-01-4339: John E. Roberts; CDI-01-4340: Owen Cooper, Yazoo City, Mississippi; CDI-01-4341: Carolyn Weatherford; CDI-01-4342: Dr. William B. Oglesby Jr.; CDI-01-4345: Dr. H. Edwin Young; CDI-01-4346: Second Baptist Church, Houston, Texas; CDI-01-4347: James W. Fowler; CDI-01-4349: Pastor Dr. H. Edwin Young, Second Baptist Church
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  • 1960 to 1995
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